Fact about Bed Bug

Normally bed bug can produce 6-9 eggs per week and in life time it can lay more than 500 eggs. Bed bug mostly feed human blood when people sleeping and sitting for long time. Bed bug taking rest cracks and crevices near by human habitation. Bed bug not having grooming habit like cockroaches so the treatment and application of insecticide will be differ from cockroach control. Eco pest control people providing professional and eco friendly bed bug control. Eco pest control people having curative and preventive measures. Apart from bed bug control we at Eco pest control people a giving customer education to more understanding and bed bug prevention.

Before starting bed bug control treatment as a professional pest control company, we always approach a through field study about infestation level, rout cause of pest invasion and shelter of the pest. Based on survey report, we schedule the service for through treatment. We will monitor infestation level 15 days after actual initial treatment.

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