Electric Fly  Killer Machine :

Flies always  filthy   and  Flies  are  vectors  spread  most of the  Pathogens . If  you are in  a  Food  business sector and  if you  want  increase  the business with your  valuable buzzing clients you  should not  avoid  ECO FLY KILLER Machine .We minimize the Flies buzzing inside the  food business   area . If  you  have  Flies infestation inside your  Shop or restaurants surely you will loose  your  reputation and  ultimately  you will loss  customers .Flies  spread  most of  pathogens  especially  Solmonella , Cryptosporium etc

Don’t worry  with flies  and  Just Make an order  our ECO FLY KILLER .

How  and where  we should  install  Fly Killer Machines ?

  1. 1. We should avoid installing fly killer machines near ‘competing light’;  that is bright light sources such as large windows or very bright lights.
  2. ECO Fly Killer machines must not be placed above food production Zones .
  3. We should Place  ECO FLY KILLER  machine is easily accessible so that tasks such as inspections or changing lamps can be carried out .
  4. Avoid fixing it to a wall as this will considerably reduce the effectiveness of the machine. Instead, where practical, hang the machine using the chains provided.
  5. For Best result Place our  ECO FLY KILLER  machine  as near as possible to 2m (6′ 7”) above the ground
  6. The machine must have sufficient coverage for the room it is in and our  Technical staff  will  recommend as per the spec .
  7. To maximize protection in high risk areas such as a room where there is open food, placing one of more fly killers between the external entrance and the entrance to the high risk area will intercept flying insects before they reach the high risk area