Termite control an unavoidable pest control process.It should be carried out both pre constructional stage and post construction stage if we ignore anti termite treatment while constructing a building surely it will damage entire structure and always termites make huge financial damages so before construction a building we should choose proper and professional pest control company for complete termite proofing system in coimbatore eco pest control people top and best termite control service provider for both pre and post construction stages architects , civil engineers , interiors always recommending eco pest control people for termite control in coimbatore .People many time makes mistakes by either simply ignore termite control themselves without understanding the basic knowledge of termite biology.And we at eco pest control providing a scientific termite control methods for all types of building and we always bring happiness to homeowners with peace of  mind.    

For termite control treatment for post constructional always taking place after heavy damage of wooden materials termites always enter inside the building very silently without the building very silently without making any sign but home owners can find only after established termite colony with heavy damages even though homeowners always thinking a termites living only in a particular area but its not true termites already made a colony inside the building so we call it as silent killers .Termites colony works 24/7 and eating your valuable wooden works and making huge financial loss, so to avoid the termite damages you can call eco pest control people for termite control in DFS method and permanent termite control system.