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ECO PEST CONTROL PEOPLE   A  certified leading Pest  control  service  Provider  in Coimbatore and we cover  Tamilnadu, Pondicherry  and   Kerala. ECO PEST CONTROL  PEOPLE  always  follow  ECO Friendly methodology to rescue  your  Pest  Problems

Our Business areas

We  are   specialized   Pest control  Company  for   Residential Premises  and Commercial Premises.

Residential Pest Control for : Apartments , Villas, row houses.

Commercial  Pest Control for : 

We offer   IPM (Integrated Pest  Management Programmes  ) for  Hospitals,  Restaurants, Hotels, Industries,  schools & colleges,  Hostels, Show rooms,  shops, Banks, Malls, Commercial kitchen, Warehouse.

Special  Services :

We  offer  Pest  Awareness Programmes  for  Employees  to  ensure  betterment  of  Hygiene level and   We  offer Pest  Identification  support

We are supporting  all type  of  Quality  audits  such as AIB,HACCP,ISO,FSSAI,SA8000, NABH, Pest  audit , Pest analysis reports  monthly  basis , Photo audit  .

Why we need a  Professional  Pest Control  Expertise ?

Now  a day most of  Industries  and  commercial  premises requires  a  good  Pest  control  company  for  managing  their Pest   problems . Hopefully  a Pest control  Expertise  will be the  Guardian of the  Human life by safe guarding  Properties  from  Pest like Termites (white ants ) ,Wood borer beetles (Powder post  Beetles) and Other Bugs ,We help you to eliminate  Cockroaches ,Rats, Flies, Beetles and Lizards from any kind of  your Food processing such as Kitchen, Restaurants, Canteen, Café ,Food storage ware Houses ,Cold storage ,Food  Factories , Hospitals ,Hostels  etc . Recently Human Mortality rate  increased  due to  Vector Born diseases as per the  WHO statement more than 700000 deaths caused by Vectors such as Mosquitoes ,Rats ,Flies ,Cockroaches and few Urban Pest .









Approved & ECO Friendly Chemicals


IS 6313 Standard


Pest Control Services & Products

ECO PEST CONTROL PEOPLE providing wide spectrum of pest control services more than one decade with eco friendly pest management practices. We offer very specialized pest control service for urban pest like Termite, Cockroach, Bedbug, Mosquito, Rats, Lizards, Wood borer and stored insect pest.

Bedbug Management

Bedbugs are small wingless insects. They solely feed upon the warm blooded animals’ blood. Specific Bedbugs inhabit bat roosts and bird Read More

Mosquitoes Management

Mosquitoes are best known for the habits of the adult females which often feed on blood to help generate their eggs Read More

Rodent Management

Rat is one of the most well-known invasive species in the world. They inhabit every ecosystem in the world. They are master scavengers. Read More

Eco Pest Screen (Mosquito Netting)

ECO Pest Screen fitments come in many options like Velcro fitment, Magnetic nets, Open type mosquito net, Shutter type window net Read More

Flies Management

Flies have been a nuisance insect for thousands of years. They affect human welfare because they. Read More

Termite Management

Subterranean termites are ground-inhabiting, social insects that live in colonies. A colony or nest of subterranean termites may Read More

Cockroach Management

Cockroach can live upto nine days without its head. If a Cockroach breaks a leg it can grow a new one. Read More

Rodent Proof Services

Rats and mice are curious creatures and constantly look for new areas for food and shelter. Read More



Eco Pest control people  very promptly  delivered  Pest control  service  as per their  commitment  really  fantastic No Pest in my home

Mr.Vijaya Kumar , Bread Boys

The service received (Cockroach control) was very prompt and professional. The charged price was fair and the staff and workman was very helpful, friendly and insightful. All in all I am a happy customer. I will be recommending this company to my friends and family should they require pest control services.


I was very pleased with the prompt service and politeness of the technician.

Er.Sathish Kumar,S

Very efficient, courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house.

Mrs. Gowri

I would recommend this company for pest control services  for  Cockroach treatment carried out effectively.

Mrs.Usha , Cbe

It was refreshing to have such a friendly technician, a good job was completed.

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